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Logistics and Warehousing for Pharmacy
and Healthcare



We have many years of experience in the implementation of comprehensive logistics services focused
on warehousing
and transportation of pharmaceutical industry products.

We know how to arrange the acceptance of your products from production, their warehousing and their final transport to the required location. All in controlled temperature intervals monitored by calibrated temperature sensors.

Logistics Center TQM is designed and adapted to the strict conditions of hygienic and technical standards for the warehousing of medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Our warehousing space is fully air-conditioned, equipped with fire protection and all halls are subject to a controlled temperature interval, from 15 to 25 °C.

The capacity of the Logistics Center TQM is 19,000 m2. 

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  • Connection to motorway D1, Ostrava - 25 km

  • Highway I/11 Ostrava - Opava - Hradec Králové

  • Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava - 52 km

  • Close to Poland

  • Olomouc - 94 km

  • Brno - 170 km

  • Prague - 372 km

  • Hamburg - 799 km

  • Norimberk - 667 km

  • Vienna - 225 km

  • Bratislava - 292 km

  • Budapest - 439 km

  • Warsaw - 406 km

  • Katowice - 146 km

"You can count on us to ensure
that you will comply with all hygienic
and technical standards and maintain the quality
of your pharmaceutical products
at any phase of transport, warehousing or distribution."

Ing. Jiří Mainuš, MBA
Logistics Director, TQM - holding s.r.o.


We are TQM - holding s.r.o., the Czech transport company based in Opava with more than 70 years
of experience in the transport and logistics.
Our activities are focused on the provision of services in passenger and truck transport, logistics services and vehicle repair and maintenance services. 

We have been dealing with logistics and warehousing since 1995, when we set up a public customs space in our premises in Opava. Over the years, we have developed these services and invested in the development of our own warehouse facilities. At the moment, we have our own warehousing area with a capacity of 19,000 m2
in the standard A.

The majority of the warehouse is in a rack arrangement. The smaller area allows free warehousing with greater variability.


Our fleet includes 126 Iveco and Scania trucks.
98% of all TQM transport services is provided by truck vehicles of emission class EURO 6.

The temperature is monitored and evaluated
during the entire transport by temperature sensors.

We specialize in both domestic transport
(Czech Republic) and international transport (Europe and Asia).

* EN ISO 9001:2015

Audit experiences
or from our customers
in pharmaceutical industry.

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"The combination
of experience, convenient location and complexity
of services has given us
a significant competitive advantage."

"We worked closely with TQM - holding s.r.o.
for more than 5 years in the area of warehousing of packaging material and subproducts related
to our production of medicines and products
of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Through this cooperation, our internal logistics process was streamlined; our internal inventory planning was significantly improved; delivery times to our plants was cut, and the error rate
of picking goods was reduced.
At the same time, we had contracted transport with the same supplier, which significantly sped up and streamlined the distribution process across our company.


We were assured of a stable partner in ways beyond compliance with all hygienic and technical standards required by our industry."

Teva Czech Industries s.r.o.

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